How To Clean Intricate Wooden Furniture Designs

Intricate designs in your wooden furniture can be beautiful until you have to clean them. The problem is that over time, dirt and grime can build up making the furniture harder to clean. Cleaning these designs can be easier with home cleaning company in atlanta.

Regularly Dust

One of the essential tasks when it comes to cleaning these designs is to regularly dust. A thorough dusting should be done each week to ensure that the intricate carvings are clean. You can use your usual dusters for this, but a soft cloth will also work. The duster that you use will depend on the intricacy of the design and its location.

You will generally have to run your duster over the design a few times to ensure that it is clean. If the design is very intricate, you should push the corner of a soft cloth into the grooves. It will remove remaining dust from the design.

Getting Rid Of Grime

If you have not kept up with the dusting of the furniture, you will have a grime accumulation. This build-up cannot be removed through dusting, but a soft cloth could help. Using the corner of the cloth can remove some of this grime, but will not always remove everything.

A toothpick can be used to remove the grime from very intricate designs. You could also use a folded piece of paper or some cardboard. There are some people who use a soft toothbrush for the most intricate designs. As the grime is removed from the design, you will need to remove it from the furniture through dusting or vacuuming.

Removing Scratches

Intricate designs on your wooden furniture can become scratched. In these cases, you can use wax or walnut meat to fill the scratches and blend it into the rest of the wood. You can also buy scratch fillers from your local woodwork stores, but you will need to ensure that it matches the wood of the furniture.

If you are using walnut meat or wax, you will have to rub it down into the scratches of your design. The excess wax will need to be removed using a cotton swab or a soft cloth. You will need to be careful when applying this to the design because too much pressure could damage the furniture.

Oiling The Wood

Once you have removed the dust and grime from the design, you will need to oil it to keep it clean and looking its best. There are certain oils that you can apply to your wood, such as boiled linseed oil. It is important to note that some oils will work best with certain types of wood.

When applying the oil, you need to run with the grain of the wood. You also need to use a soft cloth or cotton swab to apply the oil. This will be gentle on the design and ensure that the oil gets into all parts of the wood.

Cleaning the intricate designs on your furniture can be a difficult task if you have not kept up with the maintenance. Dusting is important and will reduce the build-up of grime.